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The Israeli Association of Book Publishers

In 1939, the "Hebrew Book Publishers Association of Israel" was established by the following thirteen publishing houses:

"Ahi'asaf", "Barlevi", "Gazit", "Dvir", "Hakibbutz Hameuchad",

"Twersky", "Yavne", "Masada", "Mitzpeh", "Sifriat HaPoalim", "Kiryat Sefer", "Rubin Mass", "Sreberk".


In 1953, its name was changed to "The Book Publishers Association of Israel".


In 2019, a new Association was established, called:

"The Israeli Association of Book Publishers Ltd".


Throughout the years, the number of publishing houses in Israel has grown, and the many are members of the Association and serve as a General Assembly.


The Association has 8 directorate members. The Association’s CEO and its workers serve as the executive arm of the General Assembly and the management's decisions.



The Association is a representative, dynamic and valuable umbrella organization operating on a business level to develop the publishing industry in Israel by means of:

  • Protecting the production of the books and literature.

  • Encouraging the export of Israeli literature.

  • Encouraging exposure to literature on a national level.

  • Representing publishers for official institutions engaged in publishing and literature abroad.

  • Acquiring raw materials and services required to produce books, print and bind them.

  • Representing the publishing industry to government offices, economic institutions, as well as public and private funds.


The Association's enterprises


The Hebrew Book Fair

Gold and Platinum books

Safra - Promoting Reading in Israel Ltd. (ngo)

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