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NGO #516088895, was founded by the  Israeli Association of Book Publishers in Israel

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to engage in activity or collaboration that will nurture and encourage  reading in Israel, To develop and assimilate  reading habits and skills among youth, adolescents and adults.

Year of Establishment



Benjamin Trivaks - Chairman & CEO of Matar Publishing House

Yuli Tamir - Former minter of Education

Eran Zmora - CEO at Kineret, Zmora, Bitan Publishing House

Ofer Yarkony - CEO at Danitan management Ltd. 

Lior Sharf- CEO at Agam Publishing House

Maya Tal -Initiator at "Youth readers - Its Relay  Happening"

Roni Modan - CEO at Modan Publishing House

Hanital Swisa - CEO at Am-oved Publishing House

Racheli Edelman - CEO at Shocken Publishing House



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