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The Hebrew Book Fair

Hebrew Book Fair was established in December 1925.

In the framework of various events held by the "society for the Defense of the Hebrew Language", it was decided that during Hannukah holiday, "Language and Culture Week" would be celebrated in memory of Hebrew language reviver, Eliezer Ben-Yehuda. In collaboration with publisher Bracha Peli ("Masada" Publishing House), Book Week tradition was born, which was initially named: "Hannukah Days – Hebrew Book Week". In the December issue of "Davar" newspaper, it was written: "Do not miss the chance of buying an exceptionally cheap Hebrew book".


Since the second half of the '50s, Hebew Book Fair has become a regular tradition every June. It became a trademark in The  Book Publishers Association of Israel that produces this event to this day.

Many question the need to hold Hebrew Book Week in light of discounts made by bookstores throughout the year. However, the official Book Week  has several unique advantages:

  1. The fair promotes book reading culture in Israel in an egalitarian and pluralistic way. This is a national consensus display, attended by all walks of society and all ages.

  2. This is the only time of year where the yield of Hebrew literature is showcased in a vast amount, with the participation of 120 publishers large and small.

  3. This event is an annual opportunity for the public to enjoy a wide variety of books that are no longer available in book stores.

  4. This is the only place and time of year in which a large number of book readers can directly meet numerous of authors, editors and publishers.

  5. Further more, Book Week encourages local authors and enables them to showcase their work on a large scale.

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